Sebastian Naas

I have lived in the region of cologne over 20 years and I was allowed to raise my experience in many musical stations.
In Europe I was glad to gain knowledge about many nice places, strong People and stages.

Solid Grooves and love to details are my style,
and every day a little bit more!



JUKE BOX HERO - Performing the music of Foreigner


Renaud Marquart - Ribambelle de matins à Molfetta
Katterbach - Der Kameramann
Crystin - Poploung
Jack L. - Living on the dry side
Jack L. - Passport

My Events and Gigs


Basic Bass

Basic Bass

Basic Bass is the new Textbook of the Modern Music School for E-Bass. With this work first-time Users of every age are able to make music from the beginning. And thanks to Ableton Live even with real live band backing tracks! With over 100 exercises and music parts you will learn everything necessary for your instrument. Basic bass contains a Audio CD with all tracks end even a DVD with Ableton Live Sessions to EVERY exercise additional there are Videoclips and a big harmonic workshop.

Publisher MODU Publishing
Language German, English
ISBN-10 3940903043
ISBN-13 978-3940903044
Reading example from MODU Publishing

Available for purchase at: (German)

Available for purchase at: (English)

Reviews from Musicians

"Wenn schon ein Lehrbuch, dann Dieses."
Edward Maclean (Peter Fox, Ron Spielman Trio)

"Ein tolles Lehrbuch mit viel informativem und praxisgerechtem Material, nicht zuletzt durch die CD und die DVD-ROM. Sehr empfehlenswert!"
Uli Fiedler (Musicals Rent, Die Schöne und das Biest, Jesus Christ Superstar, Robin Hood)

"Basic Bass vermittelt super Beispiele, auch für Reggae-Feeling."
Helmuth Fass (Sebastian Sturm, Pablo Moses, Megashira, Lühning, Musik zu Stromberg, Drei vom Rhein)

"Durch den behutsamen Aufbau mit vielen ergänzenden Informationen kann man mit Basic Bass auch autodidaktisch gut arbeiten."
Alexander Boerner (Bass-Dozent am Conservatorium Maastricht, Brownies Colour, TRI)


I teach since 20 years and in every moment my topmost target was to deliver and keep the fun on music.

Everybody has a individual sense of music, no matter if you prepare for a College, are a teacher in further education or a bloody beginner. We will understand raise your awareness of music within our lessons. You are an individual and you will get your personalized instructions..

One thing is and will always stay in focus is the passion of music!

Musikschool Sebastian Naas / Leichlingen

since 2015

  • E-Bass / Double Bass
  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Bandleader at the GGS Bennert Big Band

Gymnasium am Wirteltor

2008 - 2018

  • Teacher for the wind instrument players of the rhythm section class 5 & 6
  • Bass player and rhythm coach of the GAW BIGBAND under the direction of C.Welters (Award)
  • Private tutor for Bass & Guitar


since 2015

  • E-Bass
  • Double Bass
  • Piano

Music teacher at the KGS St. Stephanus Hitdorf

since 2017

  • Bandleader of the KGS Big Band since 2019

Requests for private lessons please only over my contact form. There I am to answer any questions.

References, stations and people

Jack L.


Willy Ketzer

Martin Breimschmid

Frederick Köster

Roland Peil


Mika Tyyskä ( alias Mr. Fastfinger )

Tate Simms

Gerald Cannon ... thank you, for all your inspiration !

Torsten Bugiel ... drummer for life !

Giovanni Zarrella (Ex-BroSis, Vintage Las Vegas)

Thomas Godoj (DSDS)

... and thanks for lots of other fantastic musicians and people I have and will met and become acquainted with ...